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Re: My own campaing problem
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Post Re: My own campaing problem - 31-12-2009

Campaign files can be difficult.
Here is a modified version that I tested that worked;
    name            "Zachodnia-Europa"
    shortname        "W_EU"
    description        "Maj 1944. Zanim rozpocznie sie operacja ,Overlord, dowodztwo Alliantow musi sie dowiedziec jak rozplanowane sa niemieckie umocnienia. W tym celu wysylaja spadochroniarzy w sam srodek Francji, aby ci zebrali plany lini obrony zanim sie rozpocznie inwazja."
    maps            "et_beach;caen2;frostbite;crevasse_b3;braundorf_b4;mml_church_et_v1;adlernest;"
    mapTC            374 374
    type            "wolfmp"
1- The change from shortname W.EU to W_EU should not matter.
2- The description had a " in the middle (after Overlord) that made the file syntax bad
3- maps braudorf_b4 and cae2 were spell corrected to braundorf_b4 and caen2
4- My ET would not accept braundorf_b4 nor frostbite as the first map. This behavior of ET campaigns to reject some maps at the first and last position is well known. Why it happens is not clear.
5 - To ensure compatibility with /sv_pure 1 setting I tested the campaign file in the scripts directory of a pk3 file placed in the \fritzbot folder.

I hope that is clear enough.
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