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Earth to Mal..
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Default Earth to Mal.. - 08-11-2009

Hi Mal.

Firstly - assuming you eventually read this - I hope your job is everything you wished it would be, and that it's still going well.

I wonder if you were involved in the 2009 sequel to rtcw.

If you can recall the innards of Fritzbot, can you remember & clarify the conditions under which certain entities are auto-destroyed at map start time.

The thinking is, that there may be some built in scan of entities that could cause game problems, and that fritzbot itself triggers their destruction at each map restart.

It certainly looks that way.

I have a map that is having 3 func_explosive objectives destroyed at each map start time, and I don't know why.

One other func_explosive objective works fine, and all of the other non-objective func_explosives work ok.

Only 3 of them fall foul of the startup sequence.

It is a large map - the bsp alone is 20mb. But it plays ok under raw rtcw. All entities work and play fine.

The problem is definetly within fritzbot itself, or the memory constrains of both the map plus fritzbot.

If you have an off-the-top-of-your-head explanation for what may be causing the func_explosives to fall foul of your initialisation routine, I would appreciate it.

I have the map source, and could reconfigure it accordingy.


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