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Re: Two problem of a WolfMP map's :)
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Originally Posted by MetallicaF View Post
eh... TomTom, don't scold me, but I can't run GoldRush with GoldRush_eu nav. I renamed all fies that have been included in your pk3 (goldrush_eu to goldrush) but it doesn't work. Game just kick out me on the desktop before map have been loaded ....
Oddly I just had the same problem in a testing directory I thought was FritzBot ET 0.70c. I had fogotten that I had reverted that directory to 0.70b for some special testing a few weeks ago. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING 0.70C (keyword fix beta, i.e. qagame_mp_x86.dll Jan. 16, 2007 date). Goldrush_eu waypoints will not load in 0.70b and ET may crash before the map finishes loading in 0.70b.

BTW I just found a minor bug in the goldrush_eu waypoints I will correct in the waypoint pak release.

Ran the et_dam_b1 waypoint a few times. Good first waypoints. There are a few things I could suggest as improvements. The biggest item is to get the Axis defence strategy to defend the final objective earlier, and to enable them to defuse earlier. I'll try to put together a PM next week with suggestions.
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