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Default Re: Future plans - 13-02-2009

Well the question to my mind is would the bots still have the best qualities of FritzBots. To my mind their better qualities are;
(1) They are less taxing on the CPU than Bobots, Omnibots or EastFront NPCs. You can run a good number of them on a old PIII.
(2) The Cvop behaviour is decent enough (though Mal's cvops work in ETQW is much better)
(3) The map aiscript botsight setting allows for a more realistic feel than bot mods that use a global or fixed value. Bot skills are not overpowering (nobody likes bots that pwn you).
(4) The waypointing editor can be run while play testing, and basic waypointing is easy enough to do after an evening of learning curve.

Really I have had no plans on doing modding. Mapping or modelling I have thought about doing but not starting a mod.
So I doubt I could put much time to such a project, but getting the WET source to compile in Gcc and MS VC++ and merging in Chrukers "project fix" might not be too much time off hand (though I'll need a newer linux box ). The open source concept in an active bot project would be novel enough (BTW DrEvil of Omnibot has posted the source of his foxbot project).
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