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Perhaps the positive thing about omnibot is that the interface is included with the etpub version of et. etpub is quite popular and various servers have it. Still the module is closed source as I understand and has its own problems. In my opinion Fritzbot is still better in terms of playability. The unfortunate part is that it's also closed source and is bundled with an old version of etpro.

I checked the source code of the latest etpub I could find. Perhaps if some of us still have interest on et we could somehow setup a team and do our own bot module that could be compatible with the existing nav and script files of fritzbot. It's not an easy task as programming will be involved but the end result will be to have an open source module that we could enjoy with et. Even if our free time is limited we could still try. If you know of better alternatives please share your thoughts.
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