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Future plans
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Default Future plans - 30-08-2008

With the drop off in ET mapping activity and the release of omnibot 0.7 I suppose it is worth discussing the future of Fritzbot.

Crapshoot is working to port/adapt omnibot 0.7 to a RTCW version. Mal is still working hard in the real world. Even Pav (Bobots) too seems to have greatly slowed his development work. 420Blunt and the bindlestiff are, I assume, involved in real things, and myself I have real things I need to focus on too.

Nonetheless I still want to finish the wiki and release a few maps that are in WIP (but some will remain WIP/beta forever). Ultimately while Mal is on other things, the end goal of FritzBot ET would be a single all-in-one file of released waypoints, tools, complete wiki and mod runtime.

We should all thank bots-united for allowing this forum to continue these past 2 years and I hope they will allow it to continue here and in the archives. BTW Ancient has offered to host our waypoint files at CFEGames something we may consider when we have a single file all-in-one version.

P.S. If anyone expresses interest I could post a first WIP of Adlerhorst for this weekend.
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