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Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot - 12-06-2006

OK this time CS started. The menu showed and everything. I wanted to start a game. When I clicked on the 'start' button, the game crashed back to the desktop.

The same problem as before.


I also deleted this PodBot folder under myapps and my email, and I deleted the addons folder which contained another PodBot folder and the Metamod folder which only has a dll file in it. I don't know what else to do. The game crashes when I try to start a game.

Oh and I remember installing EPod Bot to my CS dir folder but when I saw it, there is an EPod Bot folder in my csstrike folder in the CS dir.

I'll reinstall EPod Bot and try this again...

But in the mean time, what's causing this problem and how can I fix it so I can play against the bots by myself in my own server?

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