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Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
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Default Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles - 03-12-2012

The RCbot forum is here:

You will need a new member account there, too...

You could try posting in the RCbot 1.4 beta thread here:

Or better yet a new post in the Source Code forum here:

Don't expect to much help, Cheeseh is very busy with coding for RCbot2 these days and he isn't coding for RCbot1 anymore, but he did fix it for svencoop 4.6. You may get some tips or pointers from him, but you will likely still need someone that can edit the source code for you. The up side is, he visits the forums quite frequently right now, almost daily, so maybe you will get lucky?

I use this version of rcbot with & without metamod on natural selections 3.1. I use an older metamod version with it, v1.18, seems like i had some problems with newer metamods. I think the source code for this rcbot version is available, as well as the source for the newer svencoop dll's. With the newest svencoop v4.6 I use metamod-p v1.19p32. GC being a very old game/mod, you may be better off using the older version of metamod/bot? This may depend if you are using Steam or Sierra/CD/LAN or WON2, I'm not sure? I'm basicly using RCbot LAN only.

Here are some direct links: (supporting files required to make rcbot work)
The filebase page:
Download link: (dll files only)
The filebase page:
Download link:

The Source code is here, even though it says it's for rcbot v1.38, I think Cheeseh did update it to v1.441, according to some posts in the 1.4 beta thread, which btw has a lot of coding discussions in it too. [edit]Ok, I verified this is likely v1.441 source code. Many of the file dates are july nov & dec of 2006 and the included version.txt lists the updates for v1.441.

LordSkitch/Cheeseh did more updates fixes to the code after that, but I fear that source code may of been lost, because it was hosted off site...

Perhaps the Source code for the svencoop 4.6 version of RCbot1 can be used & includes LordSkitch's fixes, I don't no? Haven't located that yet?

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