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Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
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Default Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles - 03-12-2012

Welcome ZonixZ,

Yeah, it's kinda slow here, but there are still active members. Now I'm not a coder, just a semi-experienced bot user/waypointer. So this may be no help. I think what you are asking may require some changes in the bot code/dll to make it work right. I think you need someone that knows coding or is interested in learning bot coding(perhaps one of you're friends?) to modify the bot dll to support GC, I believe HPB is open source. I don't think botman comes here very often anymore?

Another bot designed for multi-mod support is RCbot1, it is also open source. Cheeseh is still active here and still developing, RCbot2 for Half-life2 & TF2. But he stopped development on RCbot1, for Half-life 1 engine.

I was also going to suggest you try over at Allied Modders, but I found this in a google search, was that you?

If that is you, you may have a missmatch in rcbot/metamod versions. I would try using the rcbotbeta v1.441 from the filebase, without metamod, use the rcbot.dll.... I still think you may get bots to join, but they won't work right without some code support/changes...

Anyone else wana chime in here, tell me I'm wrong or right??? Give this guy a better answer than I can....

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