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HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
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Post HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles - 23-11-2012

So yes, as the title says, me and my friend have been trying to get HPB Bot work with Gunman Chronicles, we've tried many things, but nothing really works 100%.

So just at first, we managed to make the HPB Bot work with GC, we managed to add bots, making waypoints worked, however you could not load pre-made waypoints, as the HPB Bot did not recognize where the waypoint should be, or where it actually is. Because the game folder for Gunman Chronicles, "rewolf" is not a compatible folder with HPB Bot since it's not supported by it.

But adding random bots worked, the bots could run around, they couldn't fire. And upon trying to use the command "waypoint save" would result in a crash, and you get the error 0xC0000005 (Access Violation Error), located in the crash reports.

So since Rewolf isn't a compatible folder, we tried to change the name of the folder to a compatible game, such as Teamfortress Classic, or the mod supported by HPB called Holy Wars, just to see if that worked.

So it worked, just renaming the rewolf folder into a different name, such as tfc or holywars. Now it was possible to load pre-made waypoints, save waypoints and making waypoints worked fine. But adding bots into the game while having the folder renamed, gave the same crash above, a 0xC0000005 error.

We're really out of clues what to do here, and we really badly want bots as we are trying to keep this alive with the small community we got.

So, I turn myself to this forum, can anyone help out? It would be very, very much appreciated!

Here's the work we've come with HPB for GC so far:

(GCServers is our website for our community, it has been down since now, since we got a new host just now actually).

- ZonixZ
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