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Re: Bots do not knife at all and act stupidly with knives
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Default Re: Bots do not knife at all and act stupidly with knives - 03-05-2009

Originally Posted by Jurugi View Post
Bots with knives act stupidly and don't even attack with them for some reason. You just see them moving around you and if you move up to one it doesn't attack. Any suggestions?
if u set :
pb_jasonmode 1
in the bot cfg file (or via server console)
it will make bots play with knives like human players

> but if you are using a third part plugn like : Knives_only.amx(x) it sucks !

here is what you have to do :

First make a request to the persone who maked the plugin you are using ,in allied modders forum (for example) ; in way to remake the plugin for you .

> the scripter may include instructions in his plugin to bybasse bots
and the remaked plugin will affect real players only & not fake ones (bots).

Then set :
pb_jasonmode -> 1 in your podbot.cfg

In my case i use Knives_only.amxx (remaked for not bot players)
& you can compile the sma provded (see attachement) ; localy or on the web amxx compiler :
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