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Post FritzBot Dev for ET - 05-10-2017

Just a quick mention for now. I am starting to upload some packed up work intended to be installed as a separate mod \fritzbot-dev\ .
Using a separate directory we can share our work overwriting files without affecting our own \fritzbot\ directory. For testers they can have the official pure server experience in the \fritzbot mod or the unpure server experimental WIP experience on a wider range of maps in \fritzbot-dev\ . It might even be possible to test minor hacks of the dll files (string or parameter changes).
The first packs are revision 2017-09.

packs 1 to 3 will be;
(1) the core dlls, bot files, minimal docs,
(2) the extended docs including full updated wiki,
(3) the waypointing tools and other waypointer assets.

Waypoint packs 0 to x will be;
(0) the 4 released official waypoint packs,
(1) released single waypoint pk3 files, including updates to the official waypoints,
(2) waypointer subfolder for work not considered safe (may crash, mapname conflicts, waypointer conflicts),
(3) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer TomTom,
(4) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer _____
(5) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer _____ etc...

At some point soon I hope packs 1-3 and waypoints packs mentionned 0-4 can go into a single file for an all-in-one.

.one Ringstellung to rule them all.

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