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Default Re: Sandbot v0.2 - 25-06-2016

Originally Posted by lokkdokk View Post
Request for 0.3 or later add support for a large number of multiplayer modifications. monkey strike, kanonball, war in europe, tour of duty, firearms, frontline force, international soccer, ricochet, science and industry (lates version. mod in active development) , the specialists, zombie panic, brain breed, the trenches, hl rally, bumper cars, hl painball, wizard wars, worms hl (???), syndicate black ops, snow war, hostile intent, underworld: bloodline, pirates, viking and knights, gangsta wars. and ofc - counter-strike
For now I intend to stick with Half-Life, Opposing Force, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection, The Ship and They Hunger. Counter-Strike already has pretty good bots so I'm not sure if I'll add yet another bot to the mix.
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