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Originally Posted by RoboCop View Post
For HLDM without Metamod yes - With Metamod no. I don't know why it crashes and the GDB gave me a huge list of errors linked to - even without the other Addons like AMXX and Spawn & Chat Protection.
How about v0.4?

Originally Posted by RoboCop View Post
I don't know much on how you code for Sandbot, but is it possible that those bots only work if the builds were split to do only load as a Standalone and as a Metamod build? E.g sandbot.dll and for Standalone and sandbot_mm.dll and for Metamod?
As The Storm said there's no reason for there to be separate builds.

I suspect the issue is to do with sub-classing or how it is built on Linux as it works on Windows (though it's possible I'm invoking undefined behaviour and Visual Studio generates better code for the situation).
Looks like there could be a problem with the waypoint code on Linux too though I haven't really touched that, so not sure what it could be. I'll try and sort out the Opposing Force crash first anyway.

If anyone knows how to get Half-Life to generate gdb core dumps that would help too.
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