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Re: Returning Player need some help
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Post Re: Returning Player need some help - 09-02-2010

ET goes to SW_el_kef because it is falling back to cmpgn_fritzbot_a as the default campaign either initially or after oasis runs. To get a better guess why I would need to see the console.log if you are logging it. Are you using a pure server (/sv_pure 1) or the easier /sv_pure 0?
// FILENAME: etmain\LogIt.cfg
// USAGE: /exec LogIt.cfg
// OUTPUTS: \fritzbot\etconcole.log \fritzbot\etserver.log
//         for other bots substitute the mod name for fritzbot
// DESCRIPTION: How to log server and console messages
seta cg_drawNotifyText "1" // 0 or 1, Client Side, etconsole.log
seta cg_textNotify "1"     // 0 or 1, Client Side, etconsole.log
seta g_logSync "2" // Server log - 0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous,  3=append
seta g_log "etserver.log"  // Server log filename 
//                  (use Log ? for setting server/client log filename?)
seta logfile "2" // Server and Console logging - 0=disable? 1=enable, 2=enable_and_sync
As to binding /addbot to a key, if you are using the FritzBot ET client there is the menu option to add a random bot. In game hit Escape then click on FRITZBOT, then click on Add Random Bot and then hit the key you want to bind. See the wiki for more info on key-binds. If you are using Whaleclient you will have to enter the key bind in the console or in a cfg file. If you are connecting to a dedicated server you can use remote console commands rcon.
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