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Re: Bots & Bandwidth
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Default Re: Bots & Bandwidth - 13-08-2006

Not exactly. From the human clients perspective their bandwidth usage is the same as if they were playing on a server full of players. The only bandwidth saving is download bandwidth on the server since the bot clients aren't operating through the network. Download bandwidth usually isnt the bottleneck of a server, upload is, since it usually has a signifiantly lower cap. Most broadband has different ratings for upload and download, you may have 5Mbit cable modem but chances are your upload is much less than that. This is what is going to hurt the playing experience for other human clients connecting remotely. 16 bots + 2 humans aren't sending the clients any less data than 18 humans. The server is still sending the same information for those entities that are within the PVS of each client, bot or human.

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