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E[POD]Bot v5.4-beta Released
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Big Grin E[POD]Bot v5.4-beta Released - 10-09-2016

I know that EPB Project is no longer active, but just for you EPB fans and former coders, I've managed to recompile and optimised EPB version 5.4-beta for newer SteamPipe servers.

No major changes apart from being compiled for SteamPipe by including HLSDK 2013 and Metamod v1.21-p source codes. Let me know if those bots fail for HLDS SteamPipe servers!


>> Both Win32 and Linux binary optimised at -O2 and using G++ 4.8 and VS2015
>> '#undef max' and '#include <vector>' in /bot/task/NormalTask.cpp required for newer G++
>> '#include <typeinfo>' in bot_navigate.cpp required for G++ 4.8 or over for HLSDK 2013

Note: This DLL package is not fully tested on all servers, please report to me.

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