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Default Re: Sandbot v0.3.1 - 30-01-2017

Originally Posted by lokkdokk View Post
Please make autowaypointing. or something.
It's something I'll look at further down the track - I might change some waypointing stuff yet so I don't want to get in too deep.

Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
@tschumann I will look on to fix the Metamod issue you have but it will be around the end of the next week, if you haven't fixed it yourself by then.

P.S. Please update the Github documentation with instructions to build the project. Should I use HPB_bot.vcproj for MSVC and the Makefile directly under Linux?
Oh thanks - pretty sure when I tried it last everything was too fast and the bounce pads on bounce in Half-Life were way too bouncy. It was a bit frustrating because I couldn't find any good documentation but it looked like what I'd done was right.
I'll update the docs and see about updating the metamod branch. Many thanks!

edit: build instructions updated, and the metamod branch is up to date with master (clean merge!) - diff is at

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