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Links to Podbot/IvPBot-Waypoints
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Default Links to Podbot/IvPBot-Waypoints - 30-01-2004

Hi, visit these sites for cool Podbot/IvPBot-waypoints:

Very many waypoints can be found here:

I also created some waypoints, check them out on my homepage , hope you like them.

Maps: cs_beersel, cs_miami, cs_pacific, cs_salami, de_alps, de_comicpirates, de_korea, de_fastline, de_museum, de_odile, de_oimec,
de_priory, de_stadium, de_stonepit, de_tain2, de_tides, de_truth, de_vostok, de_wallmart, fy_comicjungle

Post your waypoints or other cool sites below .

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