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Re: JoeBOT XP - progress and paper ( beta )
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Default Re: JoeBOT XP - progress and paper ( beta ) - 25-05-2005

havnt yet had the time to port it to CS:S, therefore still cs1.6. but the structure of that won't change anyway :-)

they don't exactly hunt each other, a squad behaviour determines a goal, and then sequential pathfinding is started, adding costs to already 'wanna be used' paths by other squadmembers to avoid getting stuck and to randomize the paths. ( no running in a straight line just behind the others ). looks also great when they run somewhere where you can find obstacles likes crates, so they automatically go to a location from 2 sides.

btw, the fact that one bot is falling down to the underpass was more an error I think, and then he's stuck, somehow he doesnt recover. anyway, you can see the cohesion behaviour, i.e. that the other squadmembers are waiting. after some time the nav sys is reset, and since the squad level navigation is random at the moment ( because the blackboard system isnt working yet ), they go back.

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