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Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
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Default Re: MeanLoader Server Startup - 11-02-2007


@Supermop: try this:
CommandLine = -console -game ns -port 27015 +map ns_tanith +maxplayers 22 +exec server.cfg

I've got a problem with CS:Source and meanloader. I can't show any windows of my srcds.exe.
ServiceName = (mEAn) Server Loader
RestartInterval = 5000
NumberOfProcesses = 1
ServicePriority = Low
UserInterface = yes

AffinityMask = 1
StartDir =d:\public01\srcds
ProcessName = public01
AppName = d:\public01\srcds\srcds.exe
CommandLine = -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust -tickrate 100 -autoupdate -fps_max 0 -mp_dynamicpricing 0
StartPause = 1000
StopPause = 1000
UserInterface = Yes
AutoRestart = Yes
Priority = normal
Paused = No
Window = Show
NumOfRespChecks = 1
PrcFileLogging = Yes
window is set to show, but never was displayed anything. gameserver is running well, but i can't show window of this task even with this command:
@rem set the path to the server loader, eg c:\srvload
set loaderpath=d:\downloads\meanloader122\meanloader

%loaderpath%\meanloader -show public01
I even tried to run without "-console" in commandline, no success.
Any ideas?
thanks for helping!
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