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Re: MeanLoader Server Startup
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Default Re: MeanLoader Server Startup - 12-09-2006

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with my NS servers (hlds.exe). Everytime I log out of the server account, it restarts the server. Also whenever i stop it, hlds.exe crashes. Seems to be a problem with meanloader initial setup, but i cant quite pinpoint what.

ServiceName = #Classic
RestartInterval = 5000
NumberOfProcesses = 1
ServicePriority = normal
UserInterface = no

StartDir = D:\gameservers\Classic
ProcessName = nsclassic
AppName = D:\gameservers\Classic\hlds.exe
CommandLine = -console -port 27015 -game ns +map ns_tanith +maxplayers 22 +exec server.cfg
StartPause = 1000
StopPause = 1000
UserInterface = No
AutoRestart = Yes
Priority = normal
Paused = No
Window = ShowNA
NumOfRespChecks = 1
PrcFileLogging = Yes
Theres my meanloader.ini if it helps.

Edit: I read the known issues.txt - i see this has issues with hlds That makes me a sad panda... the old server admin had got round this somehow, but I have no idea. Is there any other process/server loaders like this that are compatible with hlds?

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