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Troubleshooting - Linux install
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Default Troubleshooting - Linux install - 18-11-2012

Hey guys,
I've had some difficultys with a linux install of EPODbot and I'd like to share my solution with you.

In the following instructions we only talk about metamod server. Because it is easier to administrate a server with metamod.How to install metamod. Get MetaMod.


1. Make sure epb is loaded, type in server console:
meta list
You should get this message:
meta list
Currently loaded plugins:
      description         stat pend  file                 vers      src  load  unlod
 [ 1] E[POD]bot        RUN   -       v5.30     ini  Start Never
But if you get something different, then check this:

1. Manual loading...
  • Unload the plugin in console, while server is running:
    meta clear
  • Load the plugin
    meta load EPODbot/
  • If it works you will get
    meta load EPODbot/
    Plugin 'E[POD]bot' couldn't attach; only allowed at server startup

Now you know, you just typed something wrong in the metamod config.
Open it up again and correct your mistake!
For my server it is "linux EPODbot/" in the first line, without quotes. You should be able to locate this file on your server under "cstrike/EPODbot/", if not, upload it again .

Restart the server and everything will be fine!

Now the hard part! If the loading fails, after manually loading the plugin via console it will say:
meta load EPODbot/
Couldn't load plugin '<>'; see log
To me it happened, because EPB requires a library that is outdated.
EPB requires libstdc++5. Check if it already exists:
ls -la /usr/lib32 | grep
you should get this:
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       18 2012-11-18 12:51 ->
-rw-r--r--  1 root root   737192 2012-11-18 11:31
The first line is a file link that actually links to the second file.
If you get this, you are fine.
If you get nothing, just follow my tutorial:

2. Installing libstdc++
  • This library is required on linux servers to run EPODbot.
  • You need to have root permissions (e.g. with root account or with sudo)
  • Download the attached file ("")
  • Upload the archive to your server
  • Use those commands in the folder where you uploaded it
    sudo cp /usr/lib32/
    cd /usr/lib32
    sudo ln -s

Now restart the server and check again your loaded plugins with:
meta list
You should be able to have fun now !
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