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Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot - 12-06-2006

Originally Posted by MarD

That works, so for listenservers it's epb_addbot, and dedicatedservers it's "epb addbot". I think we should try n' keep it to 1 standard to lower confusion dude.

makedonjia77, your counterstrike install might be corrupted. You'll have to reinstall it. Just right click on it in the steam games menu, and select "delete local content..." and then double click it again to reinstall it. Then, install E[POD]Bot. Usually it does this when the liblist.gam file's screwed, or it can't find files needed on load.
I did as you said. Deleted local content, uninstalled EPod Bot, reinstalled CS, and reinstalled EPod Bot. My pc crashed the first time I tried to open CS after those steps, which gave me a memory dump message on a blue screen, and the second time it gave me a OpenGL error, which said it failed to open the program in OpenGL mode and that it's going to open it in software mode but I cancalled that. The third time the screen went black and I just turned off my computer.

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