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Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot - 31-05-2006


Originally Posted by THE_STORM
Try this
"epb addbot" without the quotes.
That works, so for listenservers it's epb_addbot, and dedicatedservers it's "epb addbot". I think we should try n' keep it to 1 standard to lower confusion dude.

makedonjia77, your counterstrike install might be corrupted. You'll have to reinstall it. Just right click on it in the steam games menu, and select "delete local content..." and then double click it again to reinstall it. Then, install E[POD]Bot. Usually it does this when the liblist.gam file's screwed, or it can't find files needed on load.

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