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Re: PodBot Problems with Chat
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Default Re: PodBot Problems with Chat - 08-03-2013

Originally Posted by KWo View Post
Hunans aren't answering faster or more often. Why do You need these values to be shorter?
No man, humans are replying when you ask them something, those PODBOTS are replying very very retard, with much much much delay. When a player ask them something they do not reply. And if they will reply the player probably will be gone. It's not good, you must make a public quote or something to see the people reaction to this and make those modifications, or you can just add a cvar so anyone who wants to modify those settings are free to do. You can't enforce your settings (opinion) even if you're the creator of the POD BOTS. If you've made this grate add on, for us, you must do this for all those people who download and install your add on and give you credits. Thanks man.
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