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Default Re: Downloads & Wiki ?? - 11-10-2011

Wow this place is dead eh? Well I have spent probably a solid 9 hours learning and playing with the program and trying to get them working properly in Montezumas revenge.

Still got some little bugs work to work out
Still got polish it a bit more to make it better strategy wise
probably 80% done

Just got to figure out a little bit more about the routes,alt roam routes and goals. I understand the scripting but its just not firing the way I want it to yet. Probably doing something wrong, something small that will fix it.

However since that map is pretty much backwards compared to most maps IE you blow something up to cut off routes not make them, coupled with having to make alternate routes when it is cut off. Makes it harder I am guessing.

Anyhoot I kinda doubt I will get much response on Q&A in hear so I guess I will get it figured out on my own, shouldn't be to hard just might take me longer without some aid.
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