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Smarter Buying Process
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Default Smarter Buying Process - 31-10-2010

Well, i saw that bots buy weak or inutile weapons so frequently (it make they very easy for be spoted, because some buys only noobs or bots do - is what people speak).

My suggestion is put, by default, the restriction of some stupid weapons and other weapons that aren't stupid, but the cost/beneficy isnt good. I will explain why each weapon is blocked.
First, that is the restrictweapon options that i use:

pb_restrweapons "00000111101111000000001111"

First, it block the elite pistols, because it is very inacurate and the bots shot "as a rifle" (and at same time, miss the majority of bullets), so strange.

It block the shotguns, because every player must be prepared for not only close range, but any range (what isn't possible with shotguns).

It block the majority of smg guns, only leaving the MP5 Navy (that one was a very good weapon before, but today is weak, anyway, it still strong in anti-eco rounds).

The "semi-sniper" weapons are blocked, because the cost/beneficy isn't good the majority of times.

The m249 is blocked, because is a huge waste of money.

And at last, the shield is blocked (why Valve created it?). Just buy a weapon.
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