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Re: Good or Fixed SturmBot Waypoints for DoD_Caen?
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Smile Re: Good or Fixed SturmBot Waypoints for DoD_Caen? - 06-11-2012

Hi Madmax,

Yeah, I'm using the latest Steam version of DoD (I'm not really sure what the game's actual version number is though).

I tried the SturmBot v1.6 DoD_Caen waypoints file that you attached, but it has the same problems as the ones that I already have... waypoints stuck in the ground (as well as ladder waypoints where no ladder actually exists, with the top ladder waypoint for the set going through floors/roofs and such).

BTW, I already have tried the SturmBot v1.7 waypoints file for the map, as well as Godcha's "Golden Pathways" file, and the "DoD_Caen2" one too. Unfortunately they all suffer from the same problem.

That being said, even with the messed up waypoints, the SturmBots seem to navigate around the map 'semi' well (other than a bot getting stuck here and there, due to the waypoints and pathways that are stuck and go through in the ground)... the map is still playable even with the bad waypoints.

In light of that, I think I'll just use the existing waypoints for SturmBot v1.7 that have.

The only thing that I can think of, is that the DoD_Caen map must have went through several revisions after SturmBot v1.6/v1.7 was released. This is similar to the DoD_Glider map... ALL of the waypoints that I found for that map were COMPLETELY screwed (ALL of the waypoints were about a thousand feet in the air)! After digging up a much older version of DoD_Glider, I discovered that the currently available waypoints worked with that older version.

BTW, if you're interested, someone recently created a new waypoints file for the current verision of DoD_Glider that works fairly well ->

Just a heads-up though (re: the DoD_Caen waypoints), "Noddy" over in the DoDPlugins forums is attempting to fix all of the bad waypoints ( )... hopefully he can edit them so that the bots work a little better

Originally Posted by madmax2 View Post
I played dod/sturmbot a lot, years ago, it's a great dod bot.
I LOVE SturmBot!

I'm a fairly newbie to DoD, I only started playing back in June of 2011 <grin>. After researching the various available bots for the game, I chose SturmBot... as they seem (to me at least) WAYYYYYY better than SkrikeBot. I also play a lot of "single-player" mode with the SturmBots... lot's of fun with that

Heh, I'm also quite easily amused <LOL>... many times I'll start DoD, spawn some SturmBots, and simply watch them battle it out <grin>. It's great how they voice-communicate with each other, and even form teams on their own

Hehe, I'm so used to the (in my opinion) BETTER SturmBot's, I can spot a dedicated server a mile away that's running ShrikeBot LOL!

Originally Posted by madmax2 View Post
I read you're other post, thanks for fixing sturmbot 1.7, I'll have to try it out sometime..
Yep, it works great, too Heh, I've already received several emails from folks talking about it

Hehe, it's funny too:

Those Stosstruppe K43 SturmBots really kick butt now... it's as if they finally "feel unleashed" after all of these years of not being able to use their rifles LOL!
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