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Re: Good or Fixed SturmBot Waypoints for DoD_Caen?
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Default Re: Good or Fixed SturmBot Waypoints for DoD_Caen? - 06-11-2012


I still have two installs of dod on my PC, dod3.1beta/strumbot1.5 and dod1.0retail/sturmbot1.6 in my Siera/halflife folder. I assume you are playing on a steam install of dod 1.3 retail, so I'm not sure if the map will be exactly the same?

I attached the sturmbot 1.6 waypoint (18092 bytes), see if this works ok and matches the map you have. The waypoints/pathways look a bit messy, but I remember a lot of sturmbot waypoints were like that. I did a quick test of the bots on this waypoint, they seem to get around ok. I did see one stuck axis bot near thier spawn, between their first 2 flags. It should be an easy waypoint fix if you know how.

This waypoint(18092 bytes) is also found in & packs.

From what I can remember, the map dod_caen2 that came out with dod 3.0/3.1beta is nearly identical to dod_caen that came with dod 1.0 retail. You may be able to rename the caen2 waypoints and try them too?

I also have the following dod_caen waypoints:

20198 bytes - sturmbot 1.7 official waypoint (in the too)
19068 bytes - from (golden pathways)
And a couple older waypoints, probably for the original dod_caen map....

I played dod/sturmbot a lot, years ago, it's a great dod bot.

I read you're other post, thanks for fixing sturmbot 1.7, I'll have to try it out sometime..

Good Luck,


P.S. I'm only posting this a short while, please let me know when you have the waypoint so I can remove it..

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