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Re: GrogBot Admin [AMXX plugin]
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Default Re: GrogBot Admin [AMXX plugin] - 15-09-2005

Well, having looked into it some more, I found a function that does what I want, but there is an anomaly happening that I cannot explain. The function is_user_bot( index ) checks to see if the player (index) is a fakeclient. If they are, then it returns true.

Well, I'm using it to check through the player index list (along with a function to make sure the player is currently online) to find the bots and kick them. It works for the most part, but there will be an occassional bot that will not get kicked. If I execute the command again, the same player will still get skipped over.

I'm wondering if there is any possibility that the actual bot code could be producing this problem. If you'd look into it, I'd most appreciate it, Akz.
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