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Problems compiling the source
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Default Problems compiling the source - 23-05-2012

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some practice with developing a Quake 2 bot and I'm at a stage where I feel confident enough to try creating a Counter-Strike bot using the HPB source as a start point, especially since support is much more complete than it is for Quake 2.

I have downloaded the source for 4.0 from the HPB site and opened the vcproj file in VS 2008. I cannot get it to compile however as it complains that it's missing extdll.h and bot_chat.scr.

I believe extdll.h is from the HL source and is of course required so HPB bot can interface with the game. I have downloaded the Half-life 2.3 SDK full, and I can see the missing header files there, but even after adding it to the header section it still complains it cannot find it. Looking in the HPB readme I can't find any information on this. Can anyone help me out? Perhaps it needs to be in a specific directory?

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