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Post Re: FritzBot Dev for ET - 12-12-2017

Sorry for the delay, reviewing past work is taking more time than expected.
My Waypoint Snapshot Pack 4a is now in the file-base

A listing is in a subfolder to the docs directory inside the zip file.

All waypoints are playable, 4 of these 64 waypoints need more navigation testing. (And just in time...4 waypoints are for Christmas themed maps)
All these waypoints require sv_pure to be set to zero (unpure server),
in order to get the bots to play.

A further Waypoint Snapshot Pack 4b should be ready before Easter I hope

2dom1 **, 2hide_cal_r1,
alps_trail, am_hydro_dam, antarctica **,
base55_b1, beta_low_mount_ass, blitz,
bloody_omaha_b2, boromir_a2,
bremen_b1, bremen_b2 *,
bremen_final *, bremen_truckmod *, bulldog,
citadel, coast_b1, coldfortb1, ctf_maat_final,
desertfortress, desertrats,
destruction_final, drush,
element_b4_1 ***, eltz_beta1,
erdenberg_b2, erdenberg_t1,
falx_ctf_village_b2, frost2_final,
goldendunk_a2 **,
Haemar_b1, heli_m1_b2, heli_m2_b1,
karsiah_te2 *,
mountainpass (June 11 2016 version),
necrology_final, northpole, outpost,
parisbastille_b3, pipeline,
pirates, primesquadron, purefrag ***,
raid_b4, raid_final, Ramelle_b1,
tm_lcity_b4, tram_et, tram_rtcw, trooptrain (120) **,
uje_hospital_sniper ***, uje_mall, UJE_oasis_xmas,
uje_oil, urbanterritory44,
warmissile_beta1, warmissile_fp4, weisbaden_final,
western (Beta 1), wolken1_final,

* Playable campless waypoints, for waypointer practice
** Playable but Navigation tests continue
*** Death match\sniper, no map objectives

.one Ringstellung to rule them all.
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