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Big Grin Re: progress - 07-03-2021

recently i saw that "facebook'$ network" is like the "soviets coop club" ... a bunch of cheaters.. that shows what "people wants"...

i mean my account shows me my uploaded file.. like any others.. or like when i was not banned from beta-test "clan" ...
but if i open it with incognito mode then watching it is impossible...
so here is a direct link :

The Old Town Road Rodeo Thriller

Lil Nas X - Nas - Michael Jackson - Billy Ray Cirrus .

i hope you will all like feelings wampire 8"]
that movie that is more than 22 minutes.. i think it could be used in the port to hlsource of they hunger episode [ with they lost soul ravenholm ]... in the "multiplex" theater ..[ near end of episode 3 .. may be with few others movies-parts..]

your bug seems solved by using the right "dll version to link.."
[ writting that i feel being using old windows..'bugs ..: linux has exactly the same bugs.. normal it is made by the same dumbs.. that are "making money not very good softwares.. : ]
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