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Re: [TFC] FoxBot help
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Default Re: [TFC] FoxBot help - 10-07-2018

Well I think there's a problem with the way GCC/G++ compiles the Linux side of Foxbots. The bots doesn't appear to obey the waypoints nor get in position for defending flags or CPs for Linux. The Win32 version appears to be running fine and those bots don't have those problems. It must be missing some important #includes for the libs or headers, along for the #ifdef for __linux__. The newer FoxBot had some heavy adjustments for the new navigate, think and waypoint scripts - as well as adding new cvars.

The Makefile seems to be the same apart from the version number and needing the new .cpp files added for the GCC compiler. It appears that it isn't compatible with GCC/GCC 6 nor clang, so I maybe best to investigate those problems by myself.

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