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Cube bot forum open
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Default Cube bot forum open - 15-12-2004

Yup yet another bot (coder) has joined Bots United

Cube is a free First Person Shooter(FPS). It supports both singlepayer and multiplayer.
Most of the cube code runs client-side, thanks to this even players with a higher ping(modem users for example) can play relative good online.
Cube can run on linux, windows and MacOS. Dedicated cube servers run also on FreeBSD and Solaris.

Okay, so whats your bot about?
Currently my bot is still "very alpha": not so good navigation and inhuman aiming for example . Though the bots aren't brain dead, check the current features at my site.
Luckely I've got some experience from previous bots, so I'm already busy with more "advanced" stuff.

Okay I want to try cube and maybe even your bot, how?
Download cube here. Then open the download file(for example with winrar) and extract it to a place you like. Now download my bots here and extract them to your cube directory.
To run cube with bots:
Windows users: Run cube_bot_win.bat
Linux users: Run cube_bot_lin(check if the right permissions are set and if its executable).

Read the readme.html and the the cube_bot-readme.txt file for more info.
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