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Re: UPDATE: How to install E[POD]Bots
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Default Re: UPDATE: How to install E[POD]Bots - 14-04-2010

Originally Posted by adron55 View Post
have been trying to get the PODbots latest version to work and i did EXACTLY what there was to do and load up a map on Counter Strike (without steam) and get an error. I uninstalled everything and then tried to put in the all in one stuff instead and i got this error when starting my game.
I'm highliting the fact "without steam." Does this mean, you are using illegal version of Counter Strike? Like the one that can be downloaded from Digital Zone? If so, we are not obliged to answer this question.
Anyways, like Storm said, you should be more specific. What is the error that you counter? Have you double-checked everything?
Oh, and please note, that this is a guide on how to install E[POD]Bots, not PODBots. There's a difference.
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