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Post Re: FritzBot Dev for ET - 09-10-2017

Waypoint Pack 0 is now in the file-base

Waypoint pack 0 contains the 4 released official waypoint packs, with 2 changes.
(1) Non-waypoint content is removed from the Fritz0 file in this pack (the removed content will be in the Part 1 main pack file still to be posted). New file is named Fritz0-WayPt-only.pk3.
(2) 420Blunt's 1.01 corrections to industry2 of 9-23-2007, are included in Fritz2 (so it is renamed to Fritx2_1.01.pk3).
Loose read-mes etc are in a new subfolder to the docs directory. the docs \forum subfolder has the text of the waypoint packs announcement threads.

The one situation I can think of to not install this pack is if your intent is to redo/test the waypointed maps covered in the official waypoint packs. That way no confusion can arise as to whether the old or new waypoint files get loaded (typically happens if you forget to set an impure server first).

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