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Customizing the Grave bots
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Default Customizing the Grave bots - 31-08-2005

I am having troubles customizing my grave bots. I would like to have all my bots be level 1 when they join. I would also like to have their following skills and weapons priority be like this (this is also how the code looks like in my grave_bot.cfg) :
botweapon weapon_crossbow skill 1
botweapon weapon_shotgun skill 1
botweapon weapon_gauss skill 1
botweapon weapon_rpg skill 1
botweapon weapon_9mmAR skill 1
botweapon weapon_357 skill 1
botweapon weapon_9mmhandgun skill 1
botweapon weapon_crowbar skill 1
botweapon weapon_egon skill 1
botweapon weapon_hornetgun skill 1
botweapon weapon_snark skill 1
botweapon weapon_crossbow priority 0
botweapon weapon_shotgun priority 1
botweapon weapon_gauss priority 2
botweapon weapon_rpg priority 3
botweapon weapon_357 priority 4
botweapon weapon_9mmAR priority 5
botweapon weapon_9mmhandgun priority 6
botweapon weapon_crowbar priority 7
botweapon weapon_egon priority 8
botweapon weapon_hornetgun priority 8
botweapon weapon_snark priority 8

Instead, when I start my server, my bots don't have these settings. I have to manually add these lines into my server via console :
gravebot "botweapon weapon_crossbow skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_shotgun skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_gauss skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_rpg skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_9mmAR skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_357 skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_9mmhandgun skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_crowbar skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_egon skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_hornetgun skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_snark skill 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_crossbow priority 0"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_shotgun priority 1"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_gauss priority 2"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_rpg priority 3"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_357 priority 4"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_9mmAR priority 5"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_9mmhandgun priority 6"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_crowbar priority 7"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_egon priority 8"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_hornetgun priority 8"
gravebot "botweapon weapon_snark priority 8"

My grave_bot.cfg is located in my Half-Life/valve folder, and this is the file that came with the gravebot package (well it's an altered one because of the above code I added). Also, the way the grave_bot.cfg is right now, it doesn't even add bots, I have to manually type in server console, "gravebot addbot". I do have "exec grave_bot.cfg" in my server.cfg. This is getting kinda long but I'll add the code that's in the original grave_bot.cfg file :
# wait for 3 seconds
pause 3
# change default bot skill level to 2
botskill 2
# add a skill level 1 bot
addbot 1
pause 1
# add a skill level 2 bot
addbot 1
pause 1
# add a skill level 3 bot
addbot 1
pause 1
# add a skill level 4 bot
addbot 1
pause 1
# add a skill level 5 bot
addbot 1

My server specs :
AMD Athlon Xp 2200+
Windows XP Pro

I run a dedicated Half-Life Deathmatch server with metamod version and amxx 1.55

These are the metamod plugins I run :
bunnyjump_mm.dll (not sure what version),
eye_mm.dll (not sure what version),
booster_mm.dll (version,
stripper2_mm.dll (version ,
hpb_bot_mm.dll (version 4.0),

These are the custom amxx plugins I run :
High Ping Kicker (version 1.2.0)
Camera (version 1.0)
Clan Tag Checker (version 1.1)
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