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Re: Waypoints List for FritzBot ET
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Default Re: Waypoints List for FritzBot ET - 02-03-2018

I am a bit behind on the waypoints review so my Easter waypointer's snapsnot (FritzBot-Dev part 4b) will have a dozen+ fewer waypoints than planned. The Good News for Easter (no pun intended), is that there will be a couple of new maps waypointed in the snapshot.

Some of my new work;

Arta B1, arta, Status: playable some navigation improvements needed (ladder, water...)
Blackmoon Raid b1, blackmoon_raid_b1, Status: playable (and with added eyecandy), team balance acceptable
Dingenskirchen B2, dingenskirchen_b2, Status: WIP mostly playable

and some older maps...
(UM)Dracula, (UM)Dracula_f, Status: WIP mostly playable?
Eichsfeld (b4?), eichsfeld, Status: WIP mostly playable?
Raid (Beta 4) by Magic, raid_b4, Status: playable team balance ok?
Raw Castle (Final), raw_final, Status: playable team balance TBD
Safe Spot (Beta 2), safe_spot_b2, Status: playable team balance TBD,
Thud in the Sand (Beta1), tits, Status: playable, team balance acceptable
Trenches (by Thunder), trenches, Status: playable team balance TBD
UJE Mountain Sniper, UJE_mountain_sniper, Status: early WIP

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