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Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm
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Default Re: HELP: How to install mm and podbot mm - 12-02-2012

Originally Posted by KWo View Post
From Your meta list command I can see Your metamod is not even trying to load podbot mm, so metamod's plugins.ini is not even calling it. Go back to the second post of this topic and read again how to point metamod to load Don't forget to install first the fullpack of podbot mm, then update only binaries to the latest version (called "beta", but it really should be called as "build").
Hi, and thanks for your help!

I had already done everything in post 2, but I have now double-checked and triple-checked it, and I can't see anything wrong.

I hadn't yet updated the binaries to the "beta" though, so I'll try that and let you know if it works.


Edit: ok, binaries updated, server restarted, but still no podbot in the meta list.


Edit 2: some screenshots as proof I've really done what you said...

My /addons/metamod/plugins.ini file:


On the left, the different packages I've downloaded and installed. On the right, directory listings of the following folders:



My /cstrike/liblist.gam file: (I notice the line has the "^M" missing... is this important?)


And a directory listing of /cstrike/addons/podbot/


The server is running using the "Screen" command, and to restart it I've been using the following method...

ps -al
kill -9 [process# of each running process in turn]

The CSDS then restarts on its own.

Is this the correct way of doing this, or will it be using cached files instead of the new ones, or something?

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