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Sank_Sounds Error?
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Warning Sank_Sounds Error? - 07-09-2012

Hello everyone.

I am the owner of ==The Devil's Playground== Server 71.234.56,34:27015 and I just recently put sank_sounds on my server. Program works great, the only problem is that I have been getting a lot of errors due to too many words on my list. EG "lol" plays sound/misc/lol.wav
I have looked everywhere, even on the original forum of where I got it to see if I can find a fix for it. I have, only problem is, I don't understand it.

It's telling me to "increase max keywords" ok, well I'd LOVE to, if someone would tell me where it is. On the actual site it tells me to remodify the .sma and I sould be looking for "#define MAX_KEYWORDS" I have, and I have modified it to 800. Still getting errors. The guy that developed it leaves no specific instructions on how to modify it or what I am looking for or even how to do it. The only answer I get is "#define MAX_KEYWORDS" there's no instruction on where to place the number, if I need to do it more then once, where it's located in the .sma, there is nothing that helps me increase my max keywords properly so I can have all my sounds and wavs. I was hoping someone in this forum would know. I am very familiar with amxx, through a lot of trial and error. I had to modify everything on my own as stated in the post before about trying to get the right cvar for the super crowbar rune (which I still have not figured out!)! Problem is not all of us geeks are well versed in c++ (what the .sma file is written in). I know nothing about it, neither does any other server operator I know tha also runs sank_sounds.

I can give anyone any information they need as well as provide a pasting or attachment to the .sma file. Is there anyone in here that can help me increase my max keywords in sank_sounds?

Thank you!
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