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OMG, how could I didn't realize that. So you're referencing to "CP" instead of "CTF" mode. I'm sorry then

I appreciate your work. However, in my opinion, I think you don't have to do it because Capture Point mode isn't as good as Capture Flag mode. That mode looks boring sometimes. You're just roaming around, occupying each territory, and finally defending it from an enemy invasions. Occupying all territories is not easy, especially if the spawn points for each player are too near with the capture zone.

In op4cp_park for example, two of capture zones are too near with the player spawn locations, so its impossible for enemy team to capture it before being killed. Moreover, this mode is so hard because it requires at least a same amount of players for both teams. Otherwise, you can't win if you're outnumbered (in CTF mode, its possible to win even if the enemy team has more players than your team)
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