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Default Downloads & Wiki ?? - 09-10-2011

Hello, My name is Osias and back in the day I made a few maps for this game myself. MP_Valor & MP_Montezumas. I recently just found your bot mod, which is really nice btw.

So I have read around a little bit and I am sure someone else made the bot files for there favorite maps. Also dont get me wrong I could easily open up the editor and make bot files for my maps, but why re-invent the wheel if you dont have too. That and the time.

So my question is I keep hearing about a wiki with the bot files for maps you can dled or works in progress etc. Yet I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone help me out in where I can find all the bot files for all the maps ever worked on or can I only expect what comes packaged with the rtizbot mod itself?

Thanks in advance and I hope this forum isnt too dead like everything else wolf related. Good work btw...
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