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Re: fps drops when many bots appear in one place?
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Default Re: fps drops when many bots appear in one place? - 06-06-2010

thank you for helping :d
No need for separate pc to run lots of bots. You need a powerfull CPU(core 2 duo on 3.0Ghz) with some more RAM(1GB should be fine). I'm talking for more than 25 bots.

yes, but i don't know if cs:s can run on many core or not.this is a reply on

CS:S is already a heavily CPU demanding game since it doesnt support multicores, only uses singlecores. so yeah adding 20 bots at a 2.5 ghz processer really rapes the framerate. the GPU has compared to the CPU a minor role in fps.

i am using dual core 2.5 hz (E5300) ,i think it may be OC to 3.3 ghz ,so
I WONDER CSS CAN RUN ON MANY CORE OR NOT BEFORE BUYING A NEW CPU (because the price of the cpu are not cheap in my country )

About the network traffic, the bots are inside the server so no download traffic will be generated from them, only upload in order to update the bots positions on the real clients.

no i didn't talk about the network traffic(sorry for bad english), i talk about the cpu usage by the bots will be load the server computer , or it will be devided into client's computer and server computer? (i mean the bots will use the cpu of server computer or both cpu of client computer and server computer?
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