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Default Re: Front Line Force v2.0 - 30-06-2011

Originally Posted by tschumann View Post
What do you mean by No Steam?
Extract or Install the game on a new folder then put on Half-Life No Steam.
And run as a new shortcut.
You donīt know, you can play games with no steam thanks to half-life?

I need is a Update from HPB_bot to fix the bots from the Final New Release of Frontline Force v2.0.
I try FrontLine Force 1.7,1.8 and 2.0 and bots not working.
Only crash to desktop.

And the original frontline.dll have a lot of bugs if i change to Hpb_bot_mm.dll or Hpb_bot.dll crash.
Example: Bots donīt move are freezing.
The next time i play a new map the bots never show up when i use addbot.
This is no Hpb_Bot installed. With Hpb_Bot Installed the game never starts.

My Half-Life No Steam game have version

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