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Front Line Force v2.0
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Depressed Front Line Force v2.0 - 27-06-2011

Hi guys.
No one give me a answer on moddb and i'm here if some one help about this game.

No Bots:

First when i play the game without bots on the first time i put on the console addbot many times and they appear.
Second they canīt move even green or blue team.
Third when i close the match and i play a nother one i do that steps and then the bots donīt came out.

With Bots:

I try HPB_bot 4.0 and not working at all the crash or canīt add a bot even.
I use ODD Bot i hear the "hello!" thing but when i add a bot will shut down the game.

If some one give me a correct file to fix this game i try everything and i canīt do nothing!

PS: I'm using this game as No Steam.

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