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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 16-04-2017

Right I'm finally up and running with a new setup, so I am back in action

The pathfinding solution is now working in the bot itself, so I am trying to get some footage of the bots running around, however the path nodes hug the walls too tightly at the moment so the bots end up getting caught on corners.

It's been a little while since I worked with this, so for some reason I am having some trouble getting basic things like forward/right/up vectors for traces. In the old version of my bot I was calculating the forward direction from the bot's current origin to the next point in the path, but right now I just want the forward vector to be the direction the bot is looking in.

From memory, there is a function called UTIL_MakeVectors which takes view angles (such as pEdict->v.angles) then populates the v_forward, v_right and v_up vectors into gpGlobals. However, attempting to include this produces an unresolved external symbol error even though the IDE identifies it correctly.

Is there a better way to just get the Vector of a player's current view angle? I searched online and only found functions like AngleVectors which don't exist, and no code examples online on how to create my own

EDIT: I figured it out. I just created a wrapper function to call g_engfuncs.pfnAngleVectors Hopefully I can get the bots running reasonably smoothly now, though I will still need to spend some time fixing the path finding so it doesn't hug walls and corners so tight. Perhaps some kind of "erosion" like Recast uses to shrink the navmesh away from walls and edges.

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