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Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates Thread? ^^
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Default Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates Thread? ^^ - 03-05-2006

Originally Posted by woot woot
KWo, can I personally ask that you make a thread regarding the updates/features of the beta? On another thread you said that you are updating the beta almost everyday, sometimes more than once a day, please make a thread so I know when to download the newest version again.
Personally I prefer to focus on coding then updating all the time some topic with changes I'm doing (sometimes it's only few lines changed which doesn't matter too much for game playing).
Just don't be lazy and look into filebase - everytime I'm updateing the new binaries, I'm updateing also the version number of the beta - so You can compare that number with this one You have and You know You can get the new update again or not.

Originally Posted by woot woot
I actually don't even know what is the difference between the beta other than better weapon restrictions and bots seems more humanlike I think. ^^
Read this topic.
Since that time:
+Lift code rewritten - watch 2 new demos in filebase.
+Added autokill function You and some people asked me ((V3Beta9)
+Optimized code to have lower CPU usage (V3Beta10)

Filebase updated - the version V3 beta 10 is available.

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