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Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
Yay, nice work. I didn't knew that navmesh library even exist.
Looking forward to your progress. I wish PMB to see this.
It's been around a few years now, but it isn't well known. Epic just integrated it into the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 but otherwise it tends to stay relatively anonymous, probably because it's open source under GPL. The author, Mikko, used to work as a senior AI programmer for Crytek.

Recast is the library used to generate a nav mesh from a triangle soup, and Detour is a separate library for pathfinding. It has some interesting innovations around pathfinding in crowds to avoid "3 stooges syndrome" in doorways and narrow corridors.

You can find a really good high level write-up of how Recast works here:

It's a Java port of the library but it does a great job of explaining the process.

Ultimately I want to use Recast and Detour as a base, but add my own, Half-Life specific enhancements. I'll keep you posted
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